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During my time as a Runner I often worked within the Art Department. Although this is not an avenue I wish to pursue, I cherish every paint splodge that I collected on my clothes. I am still crafty at home too, so this section is for my wonky portraits and wacky collages, along with some memories from working in the Art Department. 

I am multifaceted, I promise...



After prepping the wooden canvas with three layers of satin paint, a bucket with a hole in the bottom is tied to a string, which is hung from the ceiling. Quickly but carefully, satin paint mixed with water is poured into the bucket and then released from about a metre above the canvas and left to spiral until almost stationary. At which point, the tin of paint catches the last few drips and the bucket is untied. For longer wear, the painting can can be topped with resin, once dry, to prevent scratches and chips.


A large part of working within the Games Department on The Circle was assisting the Art Director by decorating Hangout Dates and The Finale meet up. This is just one of many sets I was required to source props for and then execute the actual dressing of the set. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-01 at

Interested in seeing more of my work? Please get in touch and I’ll be glad to share some more pieces with you.

Art Dept: Work
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