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The magical beans

The answer to all loneliness

The correction for all sorrow

Do exactly as instructed.

But the small print is not

Read by the beholder

Who is about to pop

A plump pink one in

Through their red ripe lips

And escape into transient


Flatness of the face

Limpness of the limbs

They drift away from

Raw emotion

Rampant sensuality

Into a disjoined


Hunger to be back

Where they were.

Imagining the journey

Back to the start

Is enough to stop

One in their tracks

Before trying.

And so, they sit

And look at the less

Vivid, less

Loud, less

Euphoric, less

Lonely place

They now behold

And wish for when

It was more

Painful, because that

Pain gave them more

Reason than this in-

Between, grey,

Green state

Ever could.

Magical Beans: Project
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